Please print a copy of this agreement, read it carefully and keep it somewhere safe.

The Cybermoor website is a community website for residents of Alston Moor, Cumbria and other members of Cybermoor Ltd. Most of the website is available to the public domain, but some of the interactive and messaging services are only available to Cybermoor members. Cybermoor members are also offered a free Cybermoor personal email account which can be accessed through the 'Login to your email' link on the website. Please note that Cybermoor webmail accounts and login details are not linked to members' website logins.

Residents of Alston Moor who are neither an owner of a Cybermoor computer nor a broadband subscriber, can still register as members of the website.

Permanent residents of Alston Moor making use of a computer supplied by the Cybermoor project, accessing the internet using the Cybermoor broadband network or making use of the Cybermoor community website must use these facilities responsibly and with sensitivity to others. By signing this agreement you and members of your household are making a promise to do this.

Do not let anyone else use your login name(s) and password(s) to access Cybermoor services.

You and members of your household should at all times use the services supplied to you by Cybermoor with respect to others in the community. Do not send email to any person who does not wish to receive it. If the recipient asks to stop receiving email, you and your household member must stop sending email to that person. Harassment through language, frequency or size of communication is prohibited.

Some material on the internet is protected by copyright, trademark or statutes and laws which protect the creator of that material. Transmission, distribution, or storage of other people's information, data, or material is therefore illegal.

Cybermoor Ltd reserves the right to remove, at their discretion any material transmitted via our services, which could be considered unlawful, defamatory, abusive, threatening, obscene, hateful, could encourage a criminal offence or could otherwise violate local, national or international laws. If you are in any doubt about any material, contact the Cybermoor office on 01434 382808 and ask.

You and members of your household should not attempt to access restricted information which is not intended for you.

To ensure that the above conditions are complied with, connections using Cybermoor services will be recorded. If it is suspected that someone is contravening the Cybermoor Acceptable Use Agreement described here, that person's usage will be monitored and if found to be unacceptable to Cybermoor Ltd, further access to Cybermoor services will be denied.

For research purposes, records will be kept to identify general patterns of website usage, e.g. number of people using the local information services, number of people logging on per week, etc. Research data will not be kept on any individual's usage. By signing this agreement you accept that Cybermoor Ltd will conduct anonymous statistical research about your use of Cybermoor services.

You and members of your household must abide by the rules of acceptable use outlined in this agreement. You must understand that should anyone of not comply with these rules then Cybermoor Ltd reserves the right to discontinue any services provided by us.