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Community Data Explorer

Cybermoor aims to develop new ways for rural communities to access, analyse and use open data through a Community Data Explorer (CDE).  As the Government encourages more communities to take control of their local services and assets, its important that communities have the best available data to inform their decision making.  This innovative project worked with a rural community to identify the data required and develop ways it can be visualised to make it as compelling as possible.

Cybermoor Year End Accounts & Annual Reports

Cybermoor Ltd was formed in November 2002, but did not start operating until March 2003. If you want to get a full picture of how Cybermoor has developed over the years since it started trading, the Annual Reports provide a good historical record of Cybermoor's many and varying activities and achievements.

Flying Shepherd

Farmers take to the skies to look after their flocks!  See how the latest technology uses drones over the fells of Alston Moor to help farmers 'spy' on wayward sheep to save them a lengthy and usually unnecessary trip up the fells.