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Cybermoor started in 2001 in response to the Government’s “Wired up Communities” initiative which aimed to connect disadvantaged communities to the internet. This was at a time when first-generation broadband was not available to remote communities and Alston Moor was selected owing to its remoteness and the distance that people had to travel to access basic services. The original funding provided computers for households, a wireless broadband network for homes and businesses and a community website.

Broadband Community Share Offer

The clock is ticking and potential investors on Alston Moor only have until the 31st March to benefit from a year's free broadband or to double their speed if they invest in the Cybermoor fibre optic broadband project.

Broadband for Consumers

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Broadband services for Alston Moor and the surrounding area, which were previously supplied and managed by Cybermoor, are now provided by Yorkshire based Quickline.

Superfast broadband for businesses and households is supplied via our locally owned fibre optic network in parts of Alston town, with a fixed wireless service to outlying areas. We offer a range of levels of service to suit all needs and budgets.

Our mission at Quickline is to bring affordable and reliable Superfast internet and associated services to 100% of homes, businesses and equipment within our rapidly expanding coverage area.








For more information, please contact Quickline's Customer Support office

on 01482 247365




Complete Broadband Survey & you could win £50 to spend locally

As you know, we are currently in the process of developing our new fibre optic network, which aims to connect 300+ homes and businesses across Alston Moor. To measure what difference it makes when "NGA comes to town" we are working with Aberdeen University on a market research project to assess the impact on our local economy and community. ANYONE COMPLETING THE SURVEY WILL BE ENTERED INTO A PRIZE DRAW TO WIN £50 OF LOCAL SHOPPING VOUCHERS !

Connect to Cumbria's newest fibre optic broadband service

Residents in the centre of Alston are now being connected to Cumbria's newest fibre optic broadband service. The new fibre optic cables now serve most homes in the centre of Alston – with more connections planned over coming months.

Cybermoor Innovation Fund Feasibility Study

In June 2014, the government announced the successful bids for its £10m innovation fund to explore ways to take superfast broadband to the most remote and hardest-to-reach areas of the UK.  Cybermoor was selected as a pilot project to focus on Superfast Broadband provision in Northumberland. With the government’s current nationwide rollout already on track to deliver superfast to 95% of the UK by 2017, it is now focusing on exploring ways to reach those premises in the
final 5%.

Cybermoor Networks

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Cybermoor Networks Ltd (CNL) develops and owns rural fibre optic broadband networks in the North Pennines. We have fibre infrastructure around Alston, Nenthead and South Tyne Valley  to Haltwhistle.  This provides wholesale services and passive products to Internet Service Providers. CNL provides works with Quicklinewho supply a broadband service residents and businesses on Alston Moor and surrounding areas.  The network covers 500 properties.  More information about the trading relationship between the Cybermoor Networks and the other companies is available here.



More about Cybermoor Networks...

Cybermoor Networks Ltd AGM

The 2017 Cybermoor Networks AGM will be held on Thursday, 7th September at 7.30pm at Alston Town Hall.  This AGM is for members of Cybermoor Networks who have invested in the fibre share offers.  The meeting will also highlight the other projects which Cybermoor are currently working on such ActiveAdvice ( and the Cumbria Social Enterprise Partnership (

Cybermoor Year End Accounts & Annual Reports

Cybermoor Ltd was formed in November 2002, but did not start operating until March 2003. If you want to get a full picture of how Cybermoor has developed over the years since it started trading, the Annual Reports provide a good historical record of Cybermoor's many and varying activities and achievements.

Exciting Developments for Cybermoor

This announcement has also been sent by post to all Cybermoor broadband customers. If you are a Cybermoor broadband customer and have not yet received your copy, and would like one, please contact the office.


If you are considering a subscription to the Cybermoor fibre to the home super fast broadband service, this FAQ will hopefully answer common questions which you might have about the installation of the fibre and the equipment and about investing in Cybermoor Networks.

Flying Shepherd

Farmers take to the skies to look after their flocks!  See how the latest technology uses drones over the fells of Alston Moor to help farmers 'spy' on wayward sheep to save them a lengthy and usually unnecessary trip up the fells.

Getting the most from your superfast broadband

Around 20 people attended the Superfast Broadband roadshow at Samuel King's School organised by Cybermoor with Connecting Cumbria. Phil Ruston from Connecting Cumbria explained numerous ways that broadband services could be used to save time and money (full details in the presentation).


This section contains more information about the the Cybermoor Networks board, rules, accounts and annual reports.

Last chance to win £50 of shopping vouchers!

Researchers from University of Aberdeen are working in conjunction with Cybermoor on a market research project. They would like to know about your use of the internet for a range of activities, as well as an evaluation of the internet service you currently access at either your home or business.

As a thank you for participating in the survey, all respondents will be entered into a raffle to win £50 gift vouchers to spend at a local business.

Recent Cybermoor Broadband Problems

We apologise for the recent outages on the internet which have affected customers around Alston Moor and Northumberland and would like to explain what caused it and what we are doing in the future to prevent it from happening again.

Chris Townsend, CEO of BDUK visiting works in the South Tyne Valley with Daniel Heery of Cybermoor

South Tyne Valley Broadband Share Offer launched!

A Government Minister has backed Cybermoor's Tyne Valley Broadband Scheme on the day they launched their Broadband Share Offer.  Residents of the South Tyne Valley will soon have a new fibre broadband service following the launch of a local community share offer. Fibre optic cables are being laid along the old railway track from Park Village to Slaggyford and soon local residents will have the chance to connect.

Superfast Broadband for South Tyne Valley

Cybermoor Networks is extending its fibre optic network into Northumberland to cover the South Tyne Valley between Park Village and Slaggyford.  Local residents and businesses are invited to attend events over the next two weeks to find out more about the new service and how to get involved.


In 2010 the Cybermoor team completed the first phase of the fibre optic network linking the town of Alston with the village of Nenthead and provides Next Generation Access (NGA*) to the primary school. Subsequent phases have connected the centre of Alston and South Tyne Valley in Northumberland.