Cybermoor started in 2001 in response to the Government’s “Wired up Communities” initiative which aimed to connect disadvantaged communities to the internet. This was at a time when first-generation broadband was not available to remote communities and Alston Moor was selected owing to its remoteness and the distance that people had to travel to access basic services. The original funding provided computers for households, a wireless broadband network for homes and businesses and a community website.

Cybermoor Ltd was set up in January 2003 as the UK’s first broadband community co-op to develop the activities further and Cybermoor Services Ltd was established in 2004 to provide support for other rural communities using the experience and expertise developed from the Cybermoor project.

Building on the success of the Cybermoor project, Cybermoor Networks Limited (CNL) was established to provide a basis for future investment in broadband infrastructure on Alston Moor. CNL is a co-operative, with a Board of Directors democratically elected by members. Each member has one vote, regardless of the size of their investment. The ethos of CNL is to keep control of this vital digital infrastructure within the community and raise investment from the community and social investors. CNL benefits from the years of expertise already developed by the Cybermoor team.

A fibre optic cable network at the heart of the community provides high capacity connections to residents and businesses on Alston Moor for the next 30 years, helping us to retain people and businesses who want to live in a rural area but who want and need access to high speed connections.

Rules of Cybermoor Networks.