This section contains more information about the the Cybermoor Networks board, rules, accounts and annual reports.

Board of Directors

Robert Gascoyne

I am currently a Director of Cybermoor Networks Ltd, as well as my own company. I have lived in Nenthead since 2002 and have taken an active interest in Cybermoor since its launch, also hosting broadband equipment since 2002. I became a Director of Cybermoor Ltd in 2004 and Chair in 2006.

Outside of Cybermoor, I am a Management Consultant, working with major multinational companies, helping them to improve their services, products and business processes. I have a very long standing interest in computers and other enabling technologies, since the late 70’s through to today. I’ve been involved in everything from programming to business applications to web site design – yet there’s always more to learn and do!

My contribution to Cybermoor is to provide a balanced overview and help our wonderfully diverse and talented team shape the future of our organisation.

Steve Jagger

I am currently the CEO of Quickline Communications, an ISP based in Hull which delivers superfast broadband services around Eastern England.  I joined the Cybermoor board in January 2016 following an agreement for Quickline to provide wireless broadband services to Cybermoor members around Alston Moor and West Northumberland.  Leading the development of Quickline has given me an excellent knowledge of rural broadband issues which help in the delivery of services in a local area.

Dr Sarah Menin

I live in Lambley and joined the board of Directors in August 2015. I am particularly interested in the extension of the broadband network along the South Tyne Valley. I have been involved with co-operatives in other parts of the country and bring this experience to the Cybermoor board.

Dominic Scarr

I have been involved with Cybermoor for the last 10 years, initially working for a wireless supplier that provided equipment for the broadband upgrade in 2008.  I have provided technical support and advice on Cybermoor and Whitsome networks and have been integral to the success of the South Tyne Valley broadband project.  I now work for Quickline Communications and oversee the delivery of services to Cybermoor members.

Jenny Snowden

I joined the Cybermoor team in 2002 as Project Administrator and was involved in the distribution of computers to all homes on Alston Moor, including the provision of internet dial-up to households. As Cybermoor has developed, so have my responsibilities and position and I am currently Systems Manager dealing with the day to day running of the office, first line customer support and liaising with civil works contractors and technology partners.

I have enjoyed developing with Cybermoor and believe that without it, Alston Moor would not be at the forefront of the NGA/ICT revolution. As well as bringing the knowledge I have developed over the years working ‘at the front’, being born and bred in Alston, I am able to bring both local knowledge and a local prospective to the board and the ability to work along with the community to help push Cybermoor forward.

Denise Wood

I was born in Stanhope and after graduating in Mathematics, I spent many years working in places across the South East of England and Edinburgh, returning to Stanhope in 1998. Both my children attended SKS secondary school in Alston where I was also a Governor since 2003.

I worked for many years as a statistician in the IT industry, and since leaving in 2008, have been running my own accountancy business which includes many clients in the Alston Moor area. I currently provide business financial support services to Cybermoor and I also tutor accountancy students.

I became a Director of Cybermoor Networks Ltd in order to strengthen the integration of the various local broadband services; I bring my financial management skills to the Board.

Annual Reports, Accounts, General Meetings and Rules

Find out more about the society by reviewing our Annual Reports, presentations and accounts from previous years.

The rules are currently being ammended by the FCA, the body which registers co-operatives.