The share offer has raised investment for fibre optic broadband in the South Tyne Valley - giving residents a chance to own a part of this vital digital infrastructure. The share offer is now closed but you can read more about it in the interim report produced by BDUK. 

CNL is part of the Cybermoor group of companies:

  • CNL is a co-operative, with a Board of Directors democratically elected by members.
  • Each member has one vote, regardless of the size of their investment.
  • CNL owns all of the fibre so it will have a secure financial foundation for its shareholders.
  • Its business provides wholesale and passive fibre infrastructure.

While the offer is now closed, Share Offer document and Business Plan have more information about the project.

Investors are reminded that if they have invested over £100, they are eligible for 30% tax relief under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).  The official letter from HM Revenue & Customs is available here.