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Cybermoor is delighted to be involved in the Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY) project, which will support the development of future rural connectivity by developing new technologies, apps and services tailored for rural areas. These will focus on tourism, mental health, coverage for emergency services and environmental management.

The project will build small mobile phone networks in areas that have no mobile coverage. It aims to understand how the public, private and community sectors can work together to reduce the cost of delivering mobile access in rural areas. 

Digital infrastructure has become integral in ensuring economies flourish. But in some rural areas, communities still don’t have the reliable and robust connectivity that their urban neighbours have. One such area is rural North Yorkshire, where 35% of the county has a no mobile connectivity.

The Mobile Access North Yorkshire project is exploring how this lack of mobile access impacts on people’s lives. Through listening and understanding community stories, the project will look to enable mobile solutions which will improve lives by connecting people and their communities.

A key aim of the project is to understand the end to end experience – from technology innovation to the technology being in use - in order to develop systems which work as a whole.