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This free online webinar explains more about the ICTSkills4All training project, including how the training was delivered, the topics that people found most interesting and the experiences in other parts of Europe.

ICTSkills4all webinar header

At a time when all generations have lived their lives online more than ever before, older people have had to pick up new ICT skills.  During lockdown, training courses could not run and families could not help due to shielding and social distancing, at a time when they were needed most. 

The ICTSkillls4All has developed online learning materials, enabling older adults to pick up new basic skills.  Through our work on the project, Cybermoor has explored how 5G can deliver temporary internet connections, taught learners how to spot and avoid online fraud and found solidarity with similar groups in Poland, Portugal and Latvia.

This short online event explains more about how the training was delivered, the topics that people found most interesting and the experiences in other parts of Europe.

To register in advance for this webinar:

Daniel Heery and Kevin Wood from Cybermoor will explain the challenges of delivering this project during unprecedented events of the COVID pandemic and look at how lessons learned can be built into future similar projects and we will also be hearing first hand from two of the learners who took part in the recent online training sesions.


This webinar is designed for a range of people, including ICT trainers, older adults, Local Authority officers, 3rd Sector Organisations and any organisations involved in providing services and advice to older adults.


  1. Intro & Welcome – brief overview of project (DH)
  2. Video message from Porto
  3. Training in lockdown – challenges of connectivity, 5G and hardware (DH)
  4. Delivering the course online – internet security (KW)
  5. Views of the participants – hear from people who did the training & Q&A (Bill Hobson and Anne Hodgson)
  6. The European dimension – how have other partners managed & Q&A (Grażyna Busse, Hipokamp - Łódź/Poland)
  7. Showcasing the ICTSkills4All online materials (KW)
  8. Conclusions, policy implications and Key Learning Points (DH)

More details on the ICTSkills4All project can be found at

Cybermoor is a social enterprise with a 20 year history of innovative delivery of digital services in rural areas.  These have included assisted living, telehealth and telecare projects focused on over 55s in rural areas in the North of England.  Cybermoor has worked closely with end users on access (devices and connectivity), capacity (skills and training) and content (videos and services) to deliver the ICTskills4All project within the UK.

You may also be interested in attending the webinar which will hear from all the European partners involved in the ICTSkills4All project, as well as European politicans and policy makers.

Empowering older people for a digital world through intergenerational and peer learning
Wednesday, 10 February 10:00 to 12:45 CET

Target audience:
Educators and trainers working with older people, carers, managers of digital competence centres and policy makers.

This event will discuss the ICTSkills4All project, its approach and findings, as well as hear from older people themselves. It will include the perspectives of politicians and policy makers, the sector representing older people and industry to consider how lessons and policy recommendations for older people can be adopted.

To book a place on this event