Cybermoor was one of 24 national pilots supported by the Department for Communities and Local Government to get test new ways of getting planning notices out to a wider audience.  As more people go online to consume news, the government is keen to understand how new approaches can deliver statutory notices in different ways.

The project delivers statutory notices through to hyperlocal websites which do not currently receive information.  Currently notices of planning activities are stuck in Parish Council minutes which can take time to post onto a site.planningtweet1

The project has achieved this by:

- Linking planning application statutory notices to hyperlocal websites around Eden (Alston, Kirkby Stephen, Appleby, Penrith, and Armathwaite) is a way of reaching new audiences.  This uses a tile that is constantly updated with a number of live applications.

- Linking notices to an advert on the front page of the Cumberland & Westmorland Herald website showing updates / new applications

- Showing statutory notices on a local map, so citizens can see planning notices which are near to where they live or work

- Providing planning notices on community twitter feeds which are updated twice a day.

- Showing a list of planning statutory notices in a parish / local postcode areas for a hyperlocal website as on the Cybermoor website.

You can download the final report for the project here This contains details on what was achieved, analysis of social media use and an overview of the project.