While it may be no surprise to read that a leafy commuter town in Surrey popular with football Wags and wealthy bankers tops a recent Sunday Times house price survey, you may surprised to read that so does Alston Moor!

Results of the survey reveals that although Cobham in Surrey has the biggest increase in the value of residential property sales in England and Wales over the past 20 years, Alston Moor has the biggest % increase at 308%, which compared to the national average of 132% is quite staggering.  Information collected from the Land Register, reveals that in 1995, the average home in Alston Moor sold for £47,455 and apparently now fetches £193,846!

The survey provides a detailed picture of the country's housing market over the past two decades and as well as highlighting how multimillionaires have transformed affordable commuter belt estates into gated mansions and turned coastal villages into exclusive bolt-holes, it also highlights that at the other end of the spectrum, rural communities are struggling because the lack of new homes has driven up house prices.

Using information from the Land Registry, a comparison of all 19.1m residential property transactions in England and Wales for each financial year since 1995 was made and the areas with the biggest gains were ranked.

For more information see the Sunday Times article.

ST alston property prices graph