Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meetings of Cybermoor Ltd and Cybermoor Networks Ltd, to take place on Monday, 7th July 2014 at Alston Masonic Hall. All members are welcome to attend.  Come along to find out about the different projects that Cybermoor has delivered over the last year and its plans for the coming year.

  • Community journalism
  • Support for carers with the BREATHE system
  • Open Data on Alston Moor
  • Support for elderly residents with the PhysioDom system
  • Social Enterprise Town

We will also be explaining more about our plans for the coming year:

  • Working with Broadband Delivery UK using social investment to develop superfast broadband in Northumberland.
  • How new technology can benefit people's lives – this is a real challenge with an ageing population in Cumbria , our PhysioDom & BREATHE projects are both developing solutions with organisations across Europe to support people who want to manage their health better.
  • With the revamped Cybermoor website we are pushing open data as a way people can better understand crime patterns on Alston Moor and also what planning applications are coming in near them.

There will also be a chance to find out more about the developments with Briskona and plans for upgrading the Alston Network.

Monday, 7th July at Alston Masonic Hall

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starting at 2.30pm

All members[1] of Cybermoor Ltd are invited to attend the meeting


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starting at 3.00pm

All members[2] of Cybermoor Networks Ltd are invited to attend the meeting


Agenda for both Meetings


1. Receipt of the reports of the Management Board

2. Receipt of the reports of the auditor including accounts and balance sheet

3. Election of new Board members

4. Appointment of an auditor

5. Application of profits

6. Any Other Business

If any member has any other matters which they wish to be included under Any Other Business, they should advise Jenny Snowden either in writing c/o of the Town Hall, Alston or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 30 June 2014.

If any member wishes to stand for election to either of the Management Boards they should also contact Jenny at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

[1] A member of Cybermoor Ltd = is any person in the community who receives Cybermor broadband and who paid the £1 membership fee as part of their original registration - effectively anyone who buys their broadband service from Cybermoor Ltd.

[2] A member of Cybermoor Networks Ltd = is any person who owns shares in Cybermoor Networks Ltd.