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Cybermoor held a Special General Meeting on 4th February to explain more about the new relationship with Quickline about future provision of broadband services. The team from Quickline explained more about their plans to upgrade the network and there was a demonstration of the new PhysioDom service.


The meeting started with an overview of the issues with Briskona Ltd and their parent company Eurona.  Eurona decided to withdraw from several countries last Autumn, including the UK which could have jeapordised the future of the Cybermoor broadband service.

Steve Jagger and Dominic Scarr from Quickline Communications explained how they serve some 3,000 residential and business customers across Humberside, Lincolnshire, North and South Yorkshire; like Cybermoor they have recently delivered a broadband project for the Government.  John Wise from Nenthead asked if this would affect his shares in Cybrmoor Networks.  Daniel Heery from Cybermoor Networks responded that these had not been transferred to Quickline.  Quickline would be managing services over the network.

They are very successful in their own region and see a relationship with Cybermoor as a way to extend their own capabilities and at the same time build on the values and experience which Cybermoor has achieved in Alston and the surrounding area. A key aspect of this relationship will be to maintain and then build upon the office base in Alston, and to retain the Cybermoor personnel that you all know.

Gina asked about the possibility of a fibre connection and the benefits - Daniel responded that her property could get a connection and fibre to the premise was the best technical solution for providing broadband.

Daniel Heery from Cybermoor explained more about how over 65s  take part in the PhysioDom project which provides free exercise and dietary advice via your TV. There are limited places and people can join up to the end of February 2016.  

Those people who missed the meeting can attend another meerting about broadband in Alston on Wednesday 10th February at Samuel Kings School at 7pm (more details in the community calender).