As May's Parish Council's meeting was the first to be held after this year's local council elections, the first part of the meeting was taken up with election of officers and council representatives for the various committess.  Also on the busy agenda were the final arrangements for Appleby Fair visitors, requests for local speed restrictions, a busy planning list and the year end financial report and audit.

AMPC logoFollowing the local elections held on 5th May, a new Parish Council met for the first time. Alix Martin was re-elected as Chair and Alan Green was elected as Vice-Chair.  Appointments were also made to represent the Parish Council on the various other committees and working groups.

The meeting discussed the arrangements made for visitors stopping and passing through to and from Appleby Fair expected anytime from 26th May up until 15th June.  Various issues withTyne Willows were discussed, including the removal of the rugby posts, the community gym and containers/abandoned vehicles on the site.

Two requests have been made to consider implementing speed restrictions - a request from the Annual Parish Meeting for a 40mph speed restriction to be considered for the A689 between Lovelady Shield and Nentsberry Bridge and a request from Alston Moor's Traffic Management Group for a speed limited to be considered in Garrigill Village

As well as a very busy planning list this month, advice was asked from the Parish Council on a couple of Right of Way issues regarding two routes in Nenthead.

Copies of the full minutes of the Alston Moor Parish Council meetings are held on the website.

Alston Councillors:

Robert Athey, Pat Godwin, John Glendinning, Alix Martin, Raymond Miller, Alastair Robertson, Rachael Thomson, Gary Wright

Nenthead Councillors:

Brian Aves, Matthew Herdman, Dick Phillips, Rowan Thompson

Garrigill Councillors:

Alan Green, Elaine Grew, Tim Haldon