As a result of recent incidents in the Alston, Nenthead and Garrigill areas, including two burglaries at the Council Depot, a vehicle stolen from Nenthead (later found crashed on the B6277 near the border) and disturbances in Overburn at 3am the following morning, Cumbria Police are requesting that ANY suspicious activity be reported immediately.

The telephone number to ring is 101 or if you believe there is a crime in progress then ring 999

cumbria police logoWhilst it may be perceived by some in the area that the police don’t often come to Alston Moor, this is not the case. Furthermore, if suspicious activity is reported at the time, it may well be that there is a police patrol in the Alston Moor area for another reason and also we can alert Northumbria Police and Durham Police to look out for any suspicious vehicles that may be travelling back to those areas after committing crime in ours. If suspicious incidents are not reported, nothing will ever get done.

Should you witness any suspicious activity, please do your best to attempt to obtain any information that will assist the police in identifying potential offenders, eg vehicle registration numbers, makes and models of vehicles, direction of travel of vehicles, and descriptions of persons responsible, including clothing. However, Cumbria Police would stress that no-one should put themselves in any danger, nor should they confront any person they believe are up to no good.