A Government Minister has backed Cybermoor's Tyne Valley Broadband Scheme on the day they launched their Broadband Share Offer.  Residents of the South Tyne Valley will soon have a new fibre broadband service following the launch of a local community share offer. Fibre optic cables are being laid along the old railway track from Park Village to Slaggyford and soon local residents will have the chance to connect.

CTownsendSTVThe new network will offer superfast internet speeds and faster downloads of TV programmes to residents and businesses in the South Tyne Valley. Funding from the government through Broadband Delivery UK is paying for part of the work and Cybermoor Networks launched a community share offer on 8th June 2015 to raise £150,000 by 31st July 2015. People can invest £100 to £50,000 (with a three year commitment), which is eligible for a 30% tax rebate through the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

Daniel Heery, Cybermoor Project Manager, said: "This is a great opportunity for people to invest in infrastructure that will bring benefits to the whole community. A fibre optic cable network along the valley will provide faster more reliable connections, helping local people get more from the internet."

Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy, said: "It's great to see Cybermoor leading the way in rolling out superfast speeds to some of the UK's most remote communities. The Community Share Offer will play an important role supporting the Government's programme to extend superfast broadband to more homes and businesses, bringing forward new investment to support the development of this vital digital infrastructure in South Tyne Valley. This community pledge scheme shows that communities can build their own fibre broadband networks using local people and finance."

The system will also use wireless access to connect more remote properties. Cybermoor Networks will benefit from the expertise already developed by the Cybermoor team on similar projects in Alston Moor and is working with local contractors and local people in the South Tyne Valley to keep costs down.
The share offer document and a business plan are now available. If you would like to find out more about how to invest or to help with the project, please contact the Cybermoor office on 01434 382 808 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.