CyberMoor takes the privacy of its users seriously and we are committed to safeguarding it. Our Privacy Policy Statement explains the data processing practices of CyberMoor. If you have any concerns about your privacy please contact the project office on 01434 382 808.

CyberMoor collects personal information on behalf of the Bodies that provide the system content and services. Each of the Bodies which collects personal information is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. A full list of the data processing purposes for each of the Bodies can be found at

The information you supply to the Alston CyberMoor project will be kept confidential and secure and used only for the purposes expressly described in this policy.

Alston CyberMoor project will use the personal information you provide to process your application for a computer under the Wired up Communities scheme. Your data will also be used for anonymous statistical analysis by ourselves and by our partners.

The funding bodies will also use your data for monitoring purposes to ensure that our procedures comply with their requirements. Leeds University have been given the job of finding out how things change once people start to use the computers and will need to talk to some of you, with your permission over the next few months. We therefore will be providing information to them to enable them to do this.

To ensure that the Acceptable Use Policy is complied with, connections to the website will be recorded. If it is suspected that someone is contravening the CyberMoor ' Acceptable use' rules that person's usage of the website will be monitored and if found to be unacceptable to the CyberMoor project, further access to the CyberMoor website will be denied.

For research purposes, records will be kept to identify general patterns of website usage, e.g. number of people using the local information services, number of people logging on per week, etc. Research data will not be kept on any individual's usage of the website. By signing this agreement you accept that the CyberMoor project will conduct anonymous statistical research about CyberMoor website usage.

By applying to the Alston CyberMoor project for a free computer, free Internet access, fast (broadband) Internet access and access to the CyberMoor web site you are signifying your permission for the information you provide to be used in these ways.

In addition, it is possible that either ourselves or our partners, may use the information to let you know of any further programmes which we feel may be of use to you or members of your family. If you require further details on these organisations, please contact the CyberMoor Office on 01434 382808.

Changes to the legal framework of Alston Cyber Moor's System

CyberMoor reserves the right, at its discretion, to make changes to any part of the Alston CyberMoor System and the legal framework that regulates its use. If you use the CyberMoor System after CyberMoor has published changes, you are agreeing now to be bound by those changes. If you do not agree to be bound by those changes, you should not use the Alston CyberMoor System any further.