An innovative telehealth pilot project to support informal carers was launched in Alston this week and goes live this month in Cumbria. BREATHE is a remote home monitoring system aimed at people who are caring for a relative or friend with a long term condition helping them to remain in their home, living as independently as possible, for as long as possible. The system supports carers, improving the quality of life, both for the carer and their loved one.

BREATHE liveview from GrisedaleThe system uses a mixture of sensors and cameras installed in the home to monitor daily living activities, such as use of kitchen appliances, movement around the home and leaving the house. It provides the carer with a live summary of the person they care for’s overall activity, including a heatmap of movement, which they can access remotely via the internet on their computer, tablet or smart phone. The system can be customised so it sends alerts to the carer if there is unusual activity and carers can even access a live camera feed in the event they have any serious concerns.

If you are currently caring for someone and think a home-based remote monitoring system would give you a greater peace of mind and would be interested in taking part in at least a 3 month pilot project, we would love to hear from you.

All the equipment for the system will be supplied and installed free of charge by qualified local engineers and free training and ongoing support on the system will be provided throughout the duration of the trial.

The Cumbrian project is being managed by Cybermoor under Alston Healthcare their telehealth arm. Cybermoor have been working with their European project partners in Spain, Ireland, Italy and the UK, over the past year to develop the BREATHE system and have conducted interviews and demonstrations of the pilot system with potential users, which has helped inform the design of the system.

Cybermoor have been working in Alston with Elsbeth Rennie, who is the local ‘Eden Independent Living Advisor’ for Eden Housing Association. A working demo of the monitoring system has been installed in one of their supported housing ‘Grisedale flats’ at Alston, using a fibre optic broadband connection installed as part of Cybermoor’s new high speed fibre optic network (seethe image above taken from the camera in Grisedale flats).

The Grisedale flat was chosen for the pilot scheme because it is already providing supported accommodation in the middle of Alston for people aged 55+ with a support need. Support is provided by the Eden Independent Living service offered by Eden Housing Association. Eden Independent Living is an umbrella service that enables people to remain as independent as possible in their own homes, so this new pilot scheme is a welcome pilot innovation.

The 12 Grisedale Supported Housing flats consist of a range of 1 bedroom flats and studio flats over two floors and are serviced by a lift and stair lift. They have a 24 hour emergency care line, and have ongoing support available from the local Independent Living Advisors.

BREATHE Alston project meeting smallThe project was officially launched in Alston on 3rd July, when Cybermoor hosted a three day visit by representatives of their European partners who travelled from Valencia, Dublin, Kingston and Bath. The three day event was hosted at Samuel King’s School, with visits in the community to Grisedale flats and the home of a potential user of the system.

Ian Johnson, Headteacher of Samuel King’s School pictured left with the group said “We are delighted to be able to host this visit and to welcome visitors from outside of Alston Moor and hope to use the school more for community events like this in the future.”

The BREATHE pilot is looking to recruit 10 informal carers, who would be interested in trialling the system for 3 months. The person being cared for must be happy to take part in the trial and give consent to have the equipment installed in their home. It does not matter if a carer lives outside of Cumbria or in the same street as the person they provide care for.


Download a copy of the BREATHE Promotional Flyer for more information:

 BREATHE Leaflet


... or you can watch this short video which helps to explain how the project works:



If you are interested in taking part in the project in Cumbria, you should contact Sue Gilbertson, Tel. 01434 382808 or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The system is not an emergency service and is a pilot project being run by Cybermoor Services Ltd / Alston Healthcare based in Alston.
The BREATHE project is co-funded by the European AAL Joint Programme and Public Authorities in Spain, UK, Ireland and Italy. This programme aims to create better living conditions for older adults and to develop commercial opportunities in Europe for new Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services. 
BREATHE project partners